Wooly Ball FAQ

What are they? Wooly balls take the place of your dryer sheets. Instead of using chemicals to soften clothes and reduce static, use 100% all natural wool. I make the wooly balls unscented so those of you who prefer no scent don’t have to worry. Those of you who would like something scented. Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. My preferred one is lavender. WARNING: Essential oils are flammable so please don’t get carried away. A drop or two will work just fine.

How do you use wooly balls? That is easy! Throw 3-8 in a load of laundry in the dryer. Heavier loads get more of the balls. Jeans and towels do nicely with 8-12 balls depending on what you are comfortable using. A normal load of laundry dries nicely with 3-5 wooly balls in it.

Where do I store the wooly balls? I would use a basket on top of the dryer or just throw them back in the dryer after you’ve pulled them out of your clothes.

How do they work? They roll around with the laundry and separate the clothing to allow more air to each piece of laundry thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to dry. As they roll around they gently whack the clothes around to soften them.

How long do they last? They last for years. I have heard at least 4 years but I am going to assume that they may last even longer.

Do the colors bleed? No. I test all the wooly balls I make on my own white clothes. If they bleed they don’t get put in the basket for sale. I haven’t had one bleed yet and I wash them in hot water.

What happens if they get dirty? Machine wash them. It won’t hurt a thing. A word of caution though, they may felt up a little more and become smaller. This won’t change how effective they are. If you don’t want them to felt more just soak them in a little soap and hot water for about 15-20 minutes to wash. Then soak in clean, hot, rinse water and gently squeeze all the excess water out by hand before tossing them back in the dryer.

What if they collect lint and/or hair? Pull it off just like you would a wool sweater. These will actually attract the hair and lint and help to keep it off your laundry.

Can they only be used in the laundry? No. Not only can they be used for laundry but they can be used to decorate your house, be soft toys for your little ones to play with, learn to juggle with them, or give them to your cat as a play thing.

What are they made of? I generally use raw wool as the core ball but many times I up-cycle an old wool sweater that has felted/shrunk beyond the point of use. Then I wrap commercial wool around the raw wool (or sweater) so I can have lots of fun colors for you. All of the materials are 100% wool no matter what size or color they are.

Anything else I should know? Although I make them unscented I do usually include a bit of lavender oil in my laundry soap partially to help keep moths out. All of my raw wool is rinsed in water treated with lavender oil. Lavender helps keep moths away and moths love to eat wool. Throw a sachet of lavender in the basket where you store your wooly balls to help keep the moths at bay. The lavender essential oil evaporates quickly so there is no scent after a while but if you happen to purchase a set I made the day before you may still detect a little lavender scent.


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