Little Hawk Yarns established 2013.

I have handspun yarns available in several types of fibers. If you would like a custom color, fiber, or weight of yarn let me know. I can spin your pet’s fur/hair into yarn as well so long as it is long and soft enough. Contact me and we’ll talk about what you would like and we’ll get a sample to you.

Why do I do this?

Well, I’ve been trying to decide exactly what to tell you all about my reasons behind putting the adventure together. I’m realizing that it isn’t just one layer of reasoning. There are several thoughts behind this and some are directly tied to the fiber and others are more of a base philosophy. So here goes.

I love to spin. It is a method of meditation in many ways. The fibers slide through your fingers and twist together to make something beautiful. Each animal or plant influences the yarn that comes about. I also influence the yarn. I can add whatever little bit of my own creativity to each and every yarn.

Besides just plain loving fiber I like to support local businesses and farms. I try to source my wool and fibers from people around me. I believe that a strong local economy is what makes a community thrive. I love the sense of community one gets from knowing with whom you do business.

I want to provide a lifestyle that is a bit slower paced and has fewer chemicals in it for my family. Although many times the old ways were more work I think that is a good thing. I think many times our society has it too easy and we need to remember how to work and how to do things for ourselves. I want to pass what knowledge I can on to my children.

And lastly I love the history behind spinning. I have many times wished I could step back in time and learn to spin from women that had to spin in order to make their own clothes. I’m sure by doing it that much, and from necessity, it made them incredible spinners with many tips and tricks to making it easier and beautiful while still being extremely functional.

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