Knitting and my dad

Well, I’ve been knitting. Scary if you know me. I’ve always been a crochet kind of girl. Finally I’m teaching myself to knit. I figure if my dad could teach himself to knit I can too. You see, he had big muscled hands from being a blacksmith and didn’t have a lot of finger dexterity. It drove him crazy. And yes, it is all past tense as he died a little over two years ago. It was a blessing in many ways but that is a whole other story. So, back to his knitting. When I was a kid my folks never had much money. Well, not just as a kid. They never had much but were always happy. One of the ways they helped make the little bit of money they had stretch was to pick up wool sweaters at thrift shops, unravel them, and make mittens and socks for us kids. We grew up where it got very cold in the winter and just like now if you want good kids clothing you pay dearly for it. Even when you pay for it sometimes it still isn’t the best at keeping little fingers and toes warm in the mountain snows. So, instead of paying oodles of money they just bought the old sweaters for usually about 50 cents and then used that yarn for the socks and mittens. The caveat though was that my dad had to teach himself to knit. Mom didn’t have any idea how. Still doesn’t in fact. My dad did almost all the sewing too.

I think there were several reasons for my dad doing these things. One, he had learned to sew in the Army as part of the 101st Airborne. Lots of parachute repair and you needed to learn to sew by hand and put huge amounts of material through a machine. Two, his grandmother knitted beautiful stuff. I have some of her knitting and crochet. She was really good. I would imagine that she probably had him knitting as a little kid so I don’t think he was starting completely from scratch. Three, he was stubborn. There was no reason for him to pay for inferior stuff when he could make it better himself. He was like this with everything. Even if he couldn’t make it necessarily better there was no reason he should waste money on something he could make work.

I find I’ve inherited a lot of those traits from my dad. Especially being hard-headed and not liking to spend money when I don’t have to. I love to buy the nice stuff but usually my tastes run to the really expensive side so instead I’ll make do. I like making things work. No, they may not be the prettiest but I’m pretty proud when I can say I got something to work without spending any money on it.

But back to me knitting. I finished up the fingerless mitts I was working on. It only took knitting four to get two. Now, I’m starting on a pair of socks. This should be interesting. I’m not great with the double-pointed needles. Let’s just hope my 2 year-old doesn’t give me a midnight raid on my knitting like she did with the fingerless mitts. She ripped out a bunch of rows and pulled my needles out in the middle of the night on one of the mitts. Argh! Now I try to hide my knitting so I can avoid that experience.

So far the socks are going okay. Let’s just hope I can read and follow the pattern correctly. Fixing my knitting isn’t a skill I’ve learned yet.

On the spinning front I have a new yarn I’m plying right now. Well, not right this very moment as I’m actually typing this blog, but it is on my wheel. It is a pretty blue and green combination. I have new colors after our fiber fair that I’m excited to be working with.


About littlehawkyarns

I'm a gardener that is trying to provide good food for my family to enjoy. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, four chickens, and four cats. In addition gardening I enjoy handwork such as knitting, crochet, and sewing. I'm in the process of trying to learn tatting and embroidery as well. I am soon adding more critters to the collection since we just got property and I spin yarn.
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4 Responses to Knitting and my dad

  1. Lori Watson says:

    Good for you sticking with the knitting. It does get easier! 🙂 Be sure to post pics of the new yarn!

  2. Brenda Wheeler says:

    Brings back memories! Don’t give up.

  3. We all had to start somewhere! You go girl…please post a pic of your knitting projects!!! Love your family story too! Blessings, Jenny

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