A little about me and this hairbrained idea.

We just bought 25 acres in Nebraska. Wahoo!! I finally have my chunk of property I can turn into my farm. That being said, there isn’t a whole lot on that 25 acres. A solid house, good perimeter fencing, and that is about it. There is a 3 sided shed and a corral along with a fenced garden/yard area. I’m turning the back yard into my garden so I’ll have protection from the bunny rabbits and the deer.

I’m trying really hard not to collect critters. I want to eventually have sheep to help support my spinning habit. We have to travel this summer so I don’t think it is fair to ask someone I barely know to feed for me. So, I’ll wait. But the whole idea is to have sheep and maybe some others to provide my fiber.

In the mean time I’m trying to purchase my roving from local wool providers. I am hoping to also get a hold of some fleeces this year too. I have so many things to try. I want to play with dying the fibers too. I want to do it without using chemicals so I’m looking into growing my dyes in my garden and using native plants.

In addition to having ideas of using my garden to dye my yarn I’m trying to come up with other ways to sell yarn. One customer I’m working with likes the yarn but sells her dish rags and can’t justify the price of hand spun cotton in them. That resulted in my brainstorming. We are trying to figure out a way to increase the price point of the dish/wash clothes without pricing her out of sales. I believe it is called value-added products. If anyone of you dear readers has a brainstorm I would love to hear it.

Right now I’m trying to focus on building my inventory. I don’t have much yarn done at the moment. I need to get spinning. Of course our winter weather has been helping with that. I’d much rather be inside spinning when the snow is coming down. And speaking of building my inventory I’d better get my yarns set that are done.

About littlehawkyarns

I'm a gardener that is trying to provide good food for my family to enjoy. I have two children, two dogs, a husband, four chickens, and four cats. In addition gardening I enjoy handwork such as knitting, crochet, and sewing. I'm in the process of trying to learn tatting and embroidery as well. I am soon adding more critters to the collection since we just got property and I spin yarn.
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