The time has come for big decisions. There seems to be certain times in our lives where things just push us in certain directions. It was that way when I opened up my brick and mortar store. The world just lined things up so nicely for me to open. Now the world is pushing me to shift gears and change things. The increased overhead and not enough of an increase in sales to support the increase is ultimately pushed me to make this decision. So, the somewhat sad news is that I will be closing the brick and mortar location down at the end of December. The good news is that I’m  not totally going away. Just going back to the model that is self-supporting. I’m planning farmer’s market, and fairs, and some other ideas are cooking but are nowhere near done. I will still have my webpage/web-store and I will be available for classes. I just need to bring it back down to where the income isn’t so disproportional to the outgoing.

In all of this I do have to say thank you to the folks who have supported my adventure. Those of you who came in to the store to talk, knit, took a class, bought yarn, and supported my business; thank you from the bottom of my heart.  A special thank  you to my employee Barb. I could not do this without your help.

I’m sure you have questions. I will do my best to answer them. Our December schedule is a bit wonky. For that I apologize. Life and holidays get a little nuts around this time of year.

Dec 6-9 Open normal hours: Wed-Fri 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday 12-5 p.m. with our Open Textile Study Group meeting Saturday the 9th

Dec 13-15 we are closed – Life happens, especially right before Christmas it seems.

Dec 16 Saturday open 12-5 p.m.

Dec 20-23 open normal hours Wed-Fri 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday 12-5 p.m.

Dec 27-30 tentatively open normal hours although this may change. This will be our last week at the 312 E. Overland location.

As far as sales go: Yes,I will have some things on sale.

Will I have a total clearance? No. Remember I’m re-grouping and not totally going away so I will be keeping inventory and displays etc. I just won’t be at my current location after December.

Where can you find me after December? Make sure to check my Facebook page. I’m pretty good about answering messages on there if you need something. Otherwise you can find me at until further notice.



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Holidays are right around the corner!

Can you believe it? I can’t. I always figure I have time to plan, make, buy for a holiday and then before I know it the day is upon me. Are you like this? Got any great ideas for getting out of that rut?

Actually I am good about a few things. I tend to stash presents throughout the year for gift giving. I just don’t always remember to give them. I just found one of my son’s birthday presents the other day that I had forgotten. His birthday was back in July. Oops. On the other hand…He loved getting a random present in October. See? It all works out.

Making… My homemade presents tend to be canned goods. I do lots of canning in the Fall and so I tend to have these on hand. I like to make my presents but I am not a fast knitter. I can knit anything I really want to, it just takes me forever and a day.

So what does it all mean for my holidays in the store? It means that I like to have yarn on hand for the folks who are good at pre-planning and making ahead of time. And it means I have some easy already done things like wool dryer balls and sewing kits that are great to pop into a stocking or tuck under the tree. I provide these in solidarity with those of you who are like me and think you’ll get something made for the holiday but it just sneaks up on you. I get it.

I’ve got winter store hours set for 12-5 p.m. on Saturday and Wednesday thru Friday is 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Hopefully I’ll get to see you in person and visit with you.

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Plans for the store holiday season

It is Fall! I still can’t get over how happy I am about that. I really don’t like the heat of summer. Can you tell? We had our first freeze of the year. Not bad considering our average frost date is Sept. 20. The cold means I can finally start wearing my woolens! Hooray!! I die of the heat if it isn’t super cold so I really like the cold weather. It means all of my knitting and spinning gets put to good use now.

I have a busy fall schedule lined up for the shop. October 14 I am teaching a beginning spinning class and we have our monthly group get-together. On the 20th and 21st I’m taking part in the Boulevard Shoppes. It is the first year for this and it is shaping up nicely. I’m excited so see all the fun stuff that will be there. I’m closing the store on the 28th so my family can take me to South Dakota for my birthday weekend. And just like that October will be done. My favorite month of the year and it is going to fly.

Before we know it November and the holiday season will be here. Thanksgiving and Christmas are always a busy season, but perfect for lots of good wool projects. I’m working on a date for a knitting class in November. Nothing is set for sure yet, but it is in work. And November is Wovember. Will you take part?

Off to more stitching and planning! Happy first frost day!

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Dryer balls and baskets are finally here! Dryer balls are in the store and baskets will be before the end of the week. I was starting to think I wasn’t going to get them in.

Next I’ll be getting new Merchant and Mills scissors.

There is more news in the works but I’m still ironing out details there. I’ll let you all in on it as soon as I can.


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Fall!! My favorite season.

Oh my goodness time flies when you are having fun. We are well into our summer schedule at the store. Every time I think I get a handle on my schedule and juggling act it falls apart. That’s life though right? Please tell me life is that way for you too.

I keep adding new products when I get a chance. Over the summer I  added shawl pins and other fasteners from Jul. She has some great new Celtic designs and they are all fair trade or made in the USA. Now, it makes me want to knit more shawls. I’ve really only got one shawlette. Hmmm… I will have to fix that.

I just got done working with the Manos del Uruaguay Serena yarn and made a hat from one of their patterns. Oh. My. Goodness. I love this yarn and I’m not normally a fan of the smaller yarns. This is a fingering weight cotton and baby alpaca blend. I love working with this yarn! I seldom wear a hat when it is cold let alone 100 degrees. I’m hoping this one being a little on the lighter side will let me wear it now that it is Fall.

Speaking of… Fall that is. It is here. My favorite season of all! Cool nights and warmer days. Hats and sweaters and wood fires. Pumpkin spice shows up everywhere and the colors turn to golds and browns. It is Mother Nature telling us to turn inward and hunker in for winter. I feel the pressure to get the firewood stacked and the tomatoes canned.

With Fall also means the transition into the holiday season. I’m busy planning spinning classes, a beginning knitting class, and working on getting some fabulous holiday yarns in. Now that the hurricanes down south have cleared some I am finally starting to get some new baskets in. I should have a new batch in the store this week, with another right behind that one. Hurricane Harvey delayed my shipment for almost a month. I sure am glad I didn’t have to go through that weather.

I’m off and running with more plans! Hopefully I’ll see you in the store soon. It is nice and cozy!

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Are you like me? 5-10 projects going and every time you see something else come along you want to add that to the line up? I can think of 3-4 projects I am currently bouncing back and forth between.  3 knitting projects (a fourth on the back burner) and a spinning project (with several others on this back burner). And then as I’m sitting here thinking about it I realize I’m also dying to get my hands on my daughter’s little weaving loom she got for Christmas. Since when did I become that lady who covet’s their 6 year-old’s toy?!

Knitting projects

A sweater for my daughter. I would get done with this if she would stop growing. I keep having to add length to the arms. *sigh

A lace scarf. This project and pattern takes serious concentration on my part so I only touch this when other things aren’t going on, which is very seldom.

A cabled scarf pattern that I’m making for my shop as a sample for the pattern and the yarn. As fast as it is knitting up it makes me wish I was a faster knitter. I just want this one done. It is a fun pattern and interesting with the cable, but I need it in the shop. Soon.

My back burner project is a set of mittens for a special order. I got a question about it but I have not had any confirmation if the guy really wants them or not. I have a pattern and the yarn, but have really only gotten that far.

Let’s see, what else? I always have 2-3 spinning projects going. I cast on(is that the right term for crochet? Maybe chained on?) a new crochet hat project over the weekend. Silly of me, but I always want to try something else. I also knitted up a couple of hearts as decoration for the store.

I’m planning out some basic classes and working groups. Does anyone have specifics about what they like best in a class or a knitting/crochet group? I know I like to be able to get with other folks, but I’m not too picky about anything else.


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Store news and updates

Into the new year already? How did that happen? Things are chugging along quite nicely in our little corner of Western Nebraska. I’ve been working on trying to plan out 2017 for the store. And taxes. Taxes are the worst part of owning a business. Necessary and required but not fun.

The fun part is being able to open up lovely boxes of yarns! So soft and wonderful. Another fun part is knitting up a pattern we have for sale in the store so people can see it in the yarn we carry. There are some definite perks to owning a yarn store!

Lately I’ve just been trying to focus on getting through the holiday season and keep the cold at bay. As we progress through that I can get planning a little better for the year. I would love to be able to offer some knitting, crochet, and spinning classes throughout the year. Weaving would be wonderful too. Now, the questions comes: Do I have enough space for some of these. Knitting and crochet certainly. Spinning and weaving? On a much smaller scale. My shop is little. I love that but it does limit me on certain things. You should check out Little Hawk Yarns on Facebook to see some of the latest pictures. With my phone being connected to that account it is so much easier to update photos there.

What else is going on? I have a wonderful employee named Barb. She also is the main provider of alpaca fiber for the shop. She has a herd of about 30 alpacas. They are sooo cute. Check out Alpacas at Two Creek.

One thing I am very proud to say about my shop. All of my fiber and yarn is either local or fair trade. Most is local. My fiber and yarn suppliers:

Brown Sheep Wool Company, Mitchell, NE

Mountain Meadow Wool, Buffalo, WY

Red Barn Wool Station, Minatare, NE

Alpacas at Two Creek, Mitchell, NE

Fairmount Fibers, Manos del Uraguay fair trade yarns

I love being able to support other small and local businesses. I think we have all agreed that it takes a village to operate a business in small rural areas. My hope is to be able to operate here for a good long time.


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